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Edge DuobetterEdge Duo

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These two go together real bad. Take your edges to the next level with this inseparable duo.

An unbeatable set that is guaranteed to tame & style your edges and flyaways. This set includes:
  • laidbetter - our new plant-based edge gel that aims to impress just as much as hold. This formula is safe for your skin and offers maximum hydration by infusing aloe vera & banana extract.
  • Baby Tress x Rebundle Edge Brush is the cult-fave you don't want to be caught without—this 3-in-1 beauty tool pairs perfectly with the edge gel to give you the ultimate polished look.
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No vinegar soaking or excessive patting.

Biodegradable Ingredients

Guilt-free disposal with less worry about waste.

Vegan Friendly

No animal-derived ingredients.

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